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  • Date: Tuesday, 10 July 2012
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What is Activate?

Activate is a Christian leadership class with Pastor Gary Toney. Pastor will dive into all the aspects of leadership and how it affects our church and our lives. Leadership in it's simplest form is influence and we all influence someone in our lives. In this class you will learn how to positively lead and influence those around you. You will learn what makes a great leader and how to become a successful leader in every aspect of your life.


Who can attend Activate?

Anyone looking to build their leadership skills is welcome to attend, even if you don't attend Victory. Childcare is provided.


When are Activate meetings held?

Activate is held at 7pm on the first Monday of the month in the Varsity room here at Victory Life Church. To find an upcoming Activate meeting check our online event calendar.

Listen to past Activates